Submission Instructions

APPE Twenty-Second Annual Meeting, February 28—March 3, 2013

The Extended Submission Deadline is November 1, 2012

Submission Guidelines

    • Each author who intends to present must complete a 2013_Submission Form.
    • All submissions should be accompanied by a separate 250 word abstract including title and list of all authors of the submission. Please, use the naming scheme of: title_abstract.
    • Formal Paper submissions should be prepared for blind review with a separate cover (title) sheet listing authors of the submission. If only some of the authors intend to present, please include that information in your email. Please use the naming scheme for your submission of: title_cover and title_body.
    • Please submit all submission materials in pdf format to:
    • If you are submitting as An Author Meets the Critics or Lunch With an Author: Arrange for a copy of your book to be sent to the Association for review. Please mail book submissions to: Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, 618 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405.


Submission Categories

  1. Formal papers: The paper should be the actual paper you intend to present, not an abstract and not a paper you intend to trim. The paper should be no longer than what could be delivered in a 20-25 minute presentation (usually 10-15 pages). Normally, previously published papers will not be accepted.
  2. Panel (including formal papers by presenters): This should include formal papers and abstracts for all the panelists.
  3. Roundtable Discussions: This should include an abstract for the panel as a whole as well as a one page abstract from each panelist. The abstracts should be sufficiently detailed so that a reviewer will be able to assess the merits of the proposal.
  4. Case Studies: This should include the case study and the paper or abstract of the proposed discussion.
  5. Pedagogical Demonstration: This should include a 1-2 page discussion of the proposed demonstration.
  6. Author Meets the Critics: Submissions may be made by an author or others for a session that critically evaluates a recent book in practical or professional ethics. The proposal can be in the form of a panel, including formal papers or a roundtable discussion as indicated above. The submission should indicate the title of the book and date of publication as well as all the panelists. A copy of the book must be submitted to the APPE office for review.
  7. Lunch with an Author: Authors may propose a Lunch with an Author session, either in conjunction with an Author Meets the Critics session or not. Authors must submit a copy of the book to the APPE office for review.

For more information on the paper competitions, please see Special Paper Competitions.

Bernard GertA symposium to honor the memory of Bernard Gert will take place on Sunday, March 03, 2013 at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.

Those wishing to submit a paper for presentation at the Bernard Gert Memorial Symposium may discuss any aspect of Bernard Gert’s philosophical work or an extension of that work as it bears on practical and professional ethics.  For more information, see Bernard Gert Memorial Symposium.

Please Note: All book submitted for Author Meets the Critics and/or Lunch with an Author should be mailed to: Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Indiana University, 618 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405

All Submissions MUST include all items listed under ‘Submission Guidelines’ to be considered for review.

Review Process

All submissions will be blind reviewed by members of the Association with relevant expertise in the subject matter. Authors will be advised whether or not their submissions have been accepted by early December.

For information on the formal selection process for submissions, please visit our website:

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Indiana University
618 East Third Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-3602
Telephone (812) 855-6450; FAX (812) 856-4969
Questions pertaining to this web site can be sent to


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